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Services Available to Assist Recovery From Work Injuries

Injured people are not often advised that they can choose their treating practitioners and importantly their rehabilitation providers. Rehabilitation providers not only assist injured people with returning to work but can also do assessments to make sure the injured person manages at home safely, and often run education programs on how to manage pain or manage safe physical/activity increases.

Types of services generally available/funded under compensation include:

ADL Home Assessment

An activities of daily living (ADL) assessment analyses your ability to manage in the areas of personal self care and general activities in and around the home.

An occupational therapist determines the level and type of assistance you require in order to live as independently as possible. The assessment also provides recommendations relating to equipment and home modifications.

Rehabilitation Case Management /Return to Work Services

Occupational or workplace rehabilitation case management integrates injury and claims management in a multi-disciplinary approach to delivering a safe, durable return to work.

For each person, a rehabilitation plan is developed which identifies:

  • Your needs
  • Suitable duties
  • the goals or outcomes to be achieved, such as retraining
  • the proposed interventions or strategies
  • the responsibilities of the key parties
  • time frames for achievement
  • periodic evaluation and reporting

Plans are developed through a collaborative approach and agreed by all parties eg, yourself, the treating medical practitioner, the employer and the Agent. This ensures that all parties are working towards the same outcome.

Abilita Pain Management Coaching

Pain resulting from an injury or illness can be debilitating. Pain can complicate your recovery.

Factors, such as depression, anxiety, inactivity, social withdrawal and overuse of medication, that result from, or may impact on pain levels, and the person's ability to participate fully in their daily life can be addressed. You may need coaching to develop practical strategies to gain control over your pain.

Services are provided by health professionals experienced in the area of pain management. Programs can be tailored to include work conditioning and fitness programs for a wholistic approach to managing pain and maximising health and return to work outcomes.


Anxiety and Depression Management

You may require Psychological assessment and counselling if not coping due to the effects of an injury or a Psychological diagnosis. We then assist you to develop practical strategies to gain control. Issues may be around relationships, drugs and alcohol use, anger, financial matters as a result of an injury or trauma.

Services are provided by Psychologists experienced in the area of assisting emotional daily stressors.

RTW Activity Upgrading Programs

Return to work activity programs provide strategies to assist return to work (RTW) planning utilising everyday activities or activities of daily living work activities and exercise as functional therapy.

This service is carried out by an Occupational Therapist, who will assess and in consultation set goals for you.


  • Improved function and injury healing
  • Reduces the period of incapacity through the proficient and active involvement in home activities
  • Provides coping skills and strategies for dealing with pain, disability and life changes
  • Promotes self management which can reduce your reliance on others

Driving Assessments and Training

Injury can affect your ability to drive safely and comfortably.

Driving assessments, vehicle seating assessments and driver education programs are an important part of rehabilitation following an injury, helping to improve independence and increase work and social opportunities. Extra mirrors or larger modifications such as hand controls may be required.